Friends Don't Let Friends Buy HP Pavilion Laptops

It's with some reluctance that I write this... but I just have to. Please don't buy an HP Pavilion laptop.

As a computer repair shop we see a lot of laptops, take them apart, and fix them. We know what is a good build quality and what's just meant to look shiny. The Pavilion line of HP laptops has an attractive appearance, but the reliability of this line of laptops is horrible.

We see at least one HP Pavilion laptop a week with a failed motherboard!

That's right. One customer had bought two identical HP Pavilion 17 inch laptops from a big-box-store. Both of them had failed motherboards. It seems that they fail just after the warranty is up, too. They often have a fragile body that is difficult to take apart and repair, which makes us think that they were designed to be disposable laptops.

In addition to a high failure rate, the keyboard of the HP Pavilion laptops is flat and doesn't have a good response. It's not a good choice for students who need to type papers or professionals who need to do any serious work with documents or email. There are so many better options for about the same price or just a bit more.


So, please, despite what the sales person at the big-box-store says... an HP Pavilion laptop is not a good buy. Friends don't let friends buy HP Pavilion laptops.

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