Laptop Screen Repair

Do you have a laptop with a screen that looks similar to this?

laptop with cracked screen Photo: Creative Commons Attribution: Bruce Turner


Laptop screen damage is one of the more common laptop repairs we do at Orange Computer (along with DC power jack repair and hard disk replacement). It can happen when the laptop falls off a table or bed, or simply from it being opened too quickly from the corner, which puts unequal stress on the screen. It's better open the laptop with your hand on the top center instead of from the corner.


This can be fixed. We provide free testing to make sure that it's just the screen that needs replacing (a fall while the laptop is on can also damage the hard drive). We have used screens for many laptop models in stock and we can order new screens. The screen repair cost is much less than replacing the laptop and we do it for quite a bit less than our "big-box-store" competitors. The repair is done locally in our repair shop, we don't ship it off to a "service center".


If you, or someone you know, has a laptop with a cracked screen... we can help.

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