ThinkPad T61 Give-Away

For April, we'll be giving away a ThinkPad T61 with a Samsung 840 EVO 120GB Solid State Disk and 4GB of system memory. It will come with an alternative operating system called Elementary OS, which is a variant of Linux.


ThinkPad T61 with Elementary OS


The ThinkPad T61 is one of the older refurbished laptops that we currently sell. However, upgraded with SSD storage and 4GB of memory, this laptop is quick. This is a good example of what refurbishing and upgrading can do.


The Elementary OS that we pre-loaded onto it is a variant of Ubuntu Linux, which we recommend and can install on people's computers. Elementary OS and Ubuntu are excellent options for laptops currently running Windows XP, as the security updates for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS are good for another 3 years (while security updates for Windows XP end on April 8th, 2014). We've been installing Ubuntu a lot for people recently (especially on Dell Latitude D620 laptops for some reason).


To choose a winner for this laptop, we'll be randomly drawing from the subscribers of our weekly email newsletter on the last business day of April. To enter, just sign up for our email newsletter!

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